IIT Bombay students make “World’s first foldable diamond E-bike”; Anand Mahindra takes a bike ride

In one of the remarkable achievements in innovation and technology; the students of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay innovated the world’s first foldable diamond e-bike. It compelled the chairperson of Mahindra, Anand Mahindra to take a ride on this bicycle, this supporting the innovative ideas of the students. He took a ride around his office compound, highlighting the achievement of engineering students which is increasingly gaining the attention in the innovative world of modern transportation.

Apart from its foldable technique and design, what highlights this Hornbike X1 bike is its efficiency to increase to 35% in front of its competitors. This type of feature in the bike not only enhances its performance but also ensures its stability at the speeds which are higher than the average which is also a crucial factor for the rider’s safety.

Mahindra has endorsed this bicycle by uploading it in the X platform. The video has garnered over 9 lakh views. The fact that this is endorsed by one of the greatest known personalities in the industrial sector has added more value to the post. The Hornback X1 is also available on many of the major online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon for encouraging its wider use among the public. The bicycle is also economic friendly.

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